20 Examples Of The Most Popular Dissertation Topics

A dissertation is a critical academic assignment that students complete during the course of their academics. This is often because dissertations and thesis decide whether you will qualify for your final degree or not. Some academic papers only contribute to your grade and class performance and you may be able to compromise on them. However, such thesis and doctoral projects require deep down research, critical thinking, careful analysis, and devotion. You cannot complete a winning project overnight rather it takes a semester and even more to write your thesis effectively

The important thing about the dissertation is that it has to be unique. You are supposed to address an aspect that has not been discussed yet under a given subject. Even if students have discussed this idea in the past, you can address it if there is a potential gap. You have to make sure that you have something to attract or surprise your audience. You are writing this paper for similar researchers in this field so it should provide them valuable information required to understand and explore the subject

The dissertation topic is also important to engage your official committee members at the university. If they do not think your topic is credible enough, they will not pay attention to the rest of your assignment. You have to make sure that the title of the assignment is clear, precise and about an important aspect. You have the opportunity to prove yourself to a larger audience and bring your ideas to discussion. If you have a strong project, you have chances for getting a grant and scholarship.

Keeping the above in mind, it is critical to choose a strong topic for your paper

Topics to write a strong dissertation about

  • The role of carcinogens involved in beauty products

  • Alcoholism and how it effects your memory

  • Drugs that can make you evil

  • Serial killers and their nurture

  • Tedd Bundy

  • Lease and investment banking

  • The interest rate and economy

  • Islamic banking and how it works without the concept of interest

  • The European union and trade laws

  • Eradicating crime would require justice and equal opportunities for all

  • Health and education should only be Public goods

  • Urban migration

  • Village life

  • Cartoons and standard of living

  • Societal marketing

  • Corporate culture

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Small and medium businesses

  • Long distance relations

  • Tariff and quota