College Thesis Paper

Graduating students have one last requirement to whether to opt for thesis or to do internship. This is totally your choice but doing thesis holds greater value in field of research and academics. If you are passionate to do research and ready to invest your time in it, then you should definitely go for it. Thinking about how to finish a thesis without any prior academic writing experience. Thesis is daunting task so it needs time, effort and dedication. You cannot practice it overnight rather it would take days or sometime even months to understand what and how to write it carefully.

Don’t afraid of such frightening remarks there will come a time when juniors seek your advice on thesis write up. Let’s discuss about college thesis in detail and see what points should be kept in mind as a early researcher.

What is thesis at college level?

You have always heard of writing thesis at master and PhD level but some college also demands to submit thesis as a requirement of last year student. It is a golden chance for the student to enlighten the audience about the student has learned and achieve in studying a research topic. Thesis address the challenges or current issue of the topic that needs to be explore and finds its solution. It should be of significant value and thought-provoking.

You can choose any topic for your thesis that interest you the most. The topic should be exciting and arouse curiosity in yourself so that you can willingly spend time on it.

How to write thesis paper?

A short definition of thesis creates a foundation of the building and now it is time to add storey in the building and finish its final looks. Writing thesis is an art just like writing essay and letters is creativity. Have a look on following tips that can prepare you to start your write but first explore the structure of thesis:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Materials and method
  4. Results and Discussion
  5. Conclusion

This is the structure of thesis and each section require different piece of information in it. Write in clear and simple language and avoid making any complex sentences and structure.

Develop a good hypothesis statement

Thesis is always base on a research question; whether “X is related to Y or not?” Developing your hypothesis based on the gap in your literature. Do thorough research on your topics and see what questions are unanswered and what require further justifications to prove it. You need to do extensive by reading through books, journals, review and research articles. Narrow materials that fully support your hypothesis with some exception to few papers. The more clear and valid information you have, the stronger your arguments would be.

Create an outline and layout

By reading books and journals, your mind got flooded with ideas about what and how to write things. Map an outline about what to write in each chapter of the thesis. Exclude unnecessary ideas that will make your thesis stuffed with information without any directions. All writing document has a way to present a data, take your thesis in exactly the same way. Make subheadings for easier partition of knowledge.

Collect data and evidence for support

After successfully approval of your topic, gather your data about when and where you have to find it. You many need to collaborate with someone to retrieve the data. Do early communication to prepare things on their time. Also, start looking for evidence that supports your hypothesis or more likely scientific claim. Gather about to more than 20 or 30 authentic resources of good journals and books and create link with argument.

Start write up

When all analysis is finish, plan your write up and divide your writing section one by one. Different piece of information fits in different section of thesis so be careful about what and where you note down your writings.

Formatting of paper

Once you have finished thesis, then it is time to proofread and editing of it. Do proper formatting of tables, figures and charts. Don’t forget to add page numbers and double check your document before submission and mission accomplished.