Guide on Where to Look for Example Dissertation Topics on Marketing

One of the hardest parts about writing a dissertation on marketing is having to come up with an interesting and original topic. Despite the evolving nature of marketing which lends itself to a number of new areas to study, it’s hard for some students to sit down for several minutes and brainstorm questions they would like to explore.

Hiring a professional service to provide a list

When you are in desperate need of some original and interesting topic ideas for marketing, there is no better choice than hiring a professional writing service to provide you with a list. Select a company that lists marketing as one of its specialties and for a small fee you can have a list of any length sent right to you.

Reading marketing journals or magazines

You can get a lot of good ideas by simply reading up on whatever is going on in marketing in the world around you. The best place to know what is going on is to read up on articles in marketing journals and magazines. Head down to the library for a large selection of titles to browse.

Looking back to your readings and lessons

Finally, you can always look back at some of your course readings or course notes to find some inspiration for developing some good dissertation topics. You can save yourself a lot of time if you write down questions throughout the course and go back to find the ones that interest you most.

Using any of the following topics and ideas

  1. How have marketing techniques changed in the last few years as more people are watching less live television and watching programming on demand from an online service?
  2. Should curricula include courses on the dangers of false marketing for students of high school or college age? Consider how these ages coincide with predatory lending techniques.
  3. Does the government have a right in censoring certain types of marketing or is this a form of overstepping the bounds of free speech and free trade?
  4. What are the best marketing strategies for a company that has recently been held liable for the injury or death of one or more of its consumers?
  5. How do different companies with similar products approach their marketing towards different age groups? Are products generally all the same and are people choosing on brand names?