How To Find A Proofread Full-Text Dissertation Example: 8 Places To Check

Okay, so you want the best possible grade. It therefore makes perfect sense that you are going to want to get your hands on a full-text dissertation example that has been proofread. You are not being ultra-cautious here, you are simply being sensible. Far too many students don’t take the time to check everything over and end up handing in sub-standard work.

Here’re 8 places to check:

  • -Google Scholar
  • This is a brilliant resource and should be bookmarked on every student’s laptop! Most of the papers in here are of a high quality. You should also be able to easily identify which ones have been proofread and which ones haven’t.

  • -Your university resource center
  • Your faculty or department should have a resource center that you can turn to in situations like this where you require sample papers to help you complete your own dissertation. If you haven’t had reason to visit before, then now is definitely time to do so!

  • -The local library
  • I don’t know why libraries have become so maligned of late. However, they are an excellent place to turn to for this kind of information. Granted, smaller libraries may not have all of the resources available. However, the larger big city ones most certainly will.

  • -Your student accommodation
  • If you live in shared accommodation then I think I can say with certainty that someone within your close circle will have the information that you need. Always consider this option before trekking outdoors!

  • -The internet
  • Whether you are shopping for new boots or an example dissertation the internet has you covered! Companies like ThesisHelpers can come in handy. The fact that you are able to access this from your device of choice should make this a no-brainer, simply, view, download OR email to your inbox for further study at a later date.

  • -Text books
  • You probably have access to an abundance of text books that contain all of the examples that you could possibly ever want. The easy availability of the internet sometimes means that students are tempted to overlook the obvious sources of information. However, your text books are tried and tested methods of information gathering.

  • -Information provided during the course
  • I know there is often a temptation to simply throw away sheets handed out by your lecturers or file them away somewhere never to be looked at again. However, you have been given them for a reason. Dig them out!

  • -Your local oracle
  • Even if you are a little tardy in your bookkeeping, I can guarantee that you will have a friend that will have every single handout that has ever been given. Try asking friends and other students for this information!