7 Characteristics Of The Undergraduate Dissertation Format

Writing dissertations as an undergraduate can be a scary experience. This might be the first time that most undergraduate students are trying their hand at writing something that is supposed to be so formal, follow a certain structure and, more importantly, be quite expansive in size. Here are some key points to remember that might help you navigate the process of writing an undergraduate dissertation more easily.

Tips on formatting your undergraduate dissertation:

  1. Your final dissertation should have a title page. This title page should have the name of your college, the degree that you are graduating with and your own name and the title of your dissertation as well. In some cases, you will also have to include the name of your academic supervisor.
  2. Your dissertation will also have an abstract at the beginning. This is sort of a summary of your work, and you should make it as interesting as you can - so that readers will want to read the rest of your work. You do not need to go into the details of the dissertation and the research that you conducted for the paper, but you should be able to communicate in short what the purpose of your dissertation was.
  3. There needs to be a Table of Contents that comes after the Abstract section. This list will help a reader navigate through the different chapters and sections of your dissertation. You can also include subheadings in this list if required - it might make it easier for the reader and examiner to find a particular point in your work.
  4. In the body of your writing, as an undergraduate student, you can simply make references to different sources using quotation marks followed by the name of the book or another source you received the information from.
  5. Even though you might make certain references in the body of the text, you should also include a Bibliography at the end of your dissertation. If you are following the APA format for your writing, this page will be titled as ‘References’. This is where the names of the books, periodicals and other sources you have used will go in.
  6. The body of your text should be broken into several sections - with two main themes. The first part of the dissertation should explore the subject and research questions and then discuss the methodology in which you carried out the research
  7. The second part should be the conclusion and the results of your research itself.

You can further check this site for more detailed information on how you can go about structuring your dissertation better.